Dick drove the 75 of Art Studley Sr. 6 times in 1966. Picture below shows Art driving the car

  Bomber Division-Westboro Speedway- Owner Dick DuBois-Builder Art Studley Sr.


  Street Stock Division-Westboro Speedway-Owners Billy Montville, Dennis & Dick DuBois


Modified Division - Ran Westboro & Thompson Speedways (1975-1976)-Owner-Dick DuBois

                              Sponsor -Duddie Ford-Westboro, Ma.


  Dick drove this car four times in 1977-1978 and destroyed at Thompson. He bought this car from George Murray. 

Second car that Dick, his brother Dennis, and pit crew bought from George Murray 



This car ran at Westboro,Thompson and Waterford Speedways. Coming out of third turn, broke ball joint, gas pedal to the floor ,hit wall coming out of turn four at Westboro.1979. Broke foot and ankle.

 The car eight weeks later. Cast is off. 

Dick and Libby made the newspaper



 This modified was build brand new from a kit and parts from the first Murray car that Dick brought. Ran 1979-1980 as a station wagon. At the Ice Breaker in 1981 Dick and the T5 were told to go home and put a regular car body on. No more station wagons allowed. Ran at Thompson and Westboro .


This is the car with a new body .Dick was working at Fuller Automotive where they put the body on. Ran this car May 1981 until the end of 1982 season. This was the end of his small block modified career. Ran both Thompson and Westboro with this car.

  1982 was a busy year for Dick he ran his modified, a late model # 88 owned by Gary Coporale at Westboro and also a mini- modified (Pro-Four ) owned by Gary Carbone  # 75  at various tracks all over New England.

                                             Another car that Dick drove owned by Gary

   Dick and Gary accepting the George Summers award



  In 1983 Dick bought a brand new Lindblad mini modified. Dick and crew putting on the body






 Crew 1983-1985


 February 11,1984 Dick's pit crew at his wedding


 His car 1983-1985


His Pepsi sponsor car  in 1986.  In 1987 he took the year off



 His car in 1988



  His car's in the late 1989 -  1999







  In 1996 and 1997 Dick ran his mini-mod and was crew chief to his daughter's mini-stock at Thompson

His daughter's Lisa's car was orange and # 75 like Dad's 

 In 2002 Dick and his son Tony builded a mini mod chassis and body . Dick decided to put in a crate v-6 motor to try to keep the cost down to run a car.  They ran for a while with the Pro-fours. They ended up getting enough cars with V-6 motors to run as a  group. They  ran at Hudson and Star Speedways. Dick decided to race with the Pro-fours again for the 2011 season.     




  The 2012 season is coming along nicely with the New England Pro 4 Modifields



   Mondanock Speedway



  Waterford Speedway


Another championship year,also Dick's last year racing or is it ? 

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