In 2012 Dick announce that he was going to retire from racing at the end of the year. He won the Limited Class Championship for the second year in a row.



      In 2013 Dick raced  twice to help the Pro-4 Club with car count . He raced at Canaan and

Monadnock Speedways.

2016 Dick ran his v-6 at Hudson Speedway, 4 wins, 3 second place finishes

Lew Boyd wrote a book about Hot Cars Cool Drivers and Dick is in it twice





Is  there another year of racing? At 70 yrs of age stay tune, of course Dick ran in 2018 and 2019 at Hudson and Thompson Speedways



So far into the racing season of 2020 has hasn't taken his car out, but

that could change at any time. Well, well, well, Dick has sold his last racecar. Does this mean retirement?